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Laser cutting
Welding and Cutting

I’m new to laser cutting

We can guide you through the process

Which assist gas do you need?

What is the best supply mode?
How much gas do you need?

Do you need resonator gas? 

Let us guide you through the various considerations.

Why do so many manufacturers choose Air Products laser gas?

Guaranteed gas purity

High quality gas that meets all laser manufacturers’ specifications to ensure a clean unoxidised cut and maintain the laser’s lifetime - for maximum quality.

Eliminate laser downtime

Our laser gas delivery modes eliminate machine downtime with continuous and reliable supply - for maximum productivity.

No loss of gas

Laser solutions tailored to your operation. Our liquid solutions ensure no loss of gas meaning you use all the gas you pay for - for maximum profitability.

You may benefit from liquid supply

  • For medium-sized operations we recommend our unique compact on-site high-pressure CryoEase® service. This service allows your gas to be refilled while your laser is still running meaning no loss in vented gas or production time.  
  • For larger operations, we have a range of bulk tanks in various pressures and flow rates to suit all businesses.  Liquid supply modes remove the requirement to handle cylinders so are safer and more efficient plus, we monitor your tank so there is never a risk of running out of gas. 
  • Our tanks are designed to be durable with minimal heat ingress.  Most customers choose to rent tanks at our highly competitive rates with maintenance and servicing included making it a hassle-free install-and-go option.

The roadmap starts with cylinder packs

Regardless of the size of your laser operation, we always recommend to start with cylinder packs for assist gas. Cylinder packs (also known as manifolded pallets) are multiple cylinders connected with a dual outlet. We have some of the largest volume 300 bar packs in the industry with 40% more gas than conventional cylinder packs offering significant operational cost benefits via increased uptime and reduced handling.

If your operation is large enough to benefit from a liquid supply, we will be able to size and specify your tank more accurately based on the running data from cylinder packs.   We can then ensure a seamless transition to liquid. Some customers also retain a small volume of packs as a back-up to liquid or gas generation supply.  

Ask the Expert

Why should I consider switching to CryoEase® service

The high pressure CryoEase® tank and delivery service combination means that you never need to shut down production to refill your gas tank; meaning maximum output. It also means that you never run out of gas, as we monitor your usage and schedule refilling automatically.