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CryoEase® Service

Compact, convenient liquid solution for medium to large volume demand

The CryoEase® service is an easy compact supply solution for those medium to larger volume gas users. It offers a highly adaptable gas supply and suits a vast range of industries; it’s also quick to install with minimal commitment and low investment. If you use more than 10 large cylinders per month of oxygen, nitrogen, argon or gas mixtures, the CryoEase® service could offer you significant operational advantages.

CryoEase® Service Benefits

Cost Effective

With minimal investment, you can achieve a lower cost per m3 of gas. You only pay for the gas you use and there is no need to boil off and waste gas to refill the tank. Reduced deliveries mean reduced charges.

More Productive

Tank telemetry means there is no risk of running out of gas and the refill process requires no downtime. Both features ensure you maximise the efficiency of your operation.


Automated and autonomous gas replenishment means there is minimal involvement required in your gas supply. Purchase orders and invoices are streamlined.

Increased Safety

The gas supply is moved outside the premises and piped to the point of use. There is no longer a need to handle, transport and store gas cylinders.

Increased productivity and operational efficiency combined with increased safety

The CryoEase® system is ideal when space is at a premium. Cryogenic liquid storage takes up less room than cylinders. And because Air Products uses a purpose-designed fleet of small CryoEase® delivery vehicles, access for filling isn’t a problem.

In most cases a CryoEase® installation does not require special foundations or planning permission. If you don’t have a gas distribution system already, it’s a simple matter for us to design and install one.

A cryogenic tank on your site provides a reliable source of high purity gas, so storing, ordering and changing cylinders are things of the past.

There’s no loss of time for changing cylinders, and no need to place gas orders, since Air Products looks after all that automatically. Deliveries are less frequent than with cylinders, and since you won’t even need to supervise them, deliveries can even take place outside of working hours.

A CryoEase® contract means not having to worry about gas orders – we’ll automatically take care that you never run out. Topping up the tank is quick and easy and we can even do it autonomously with no process downtime.

Range overview

With a range of tank sizes from 950 to 3000 litres, the CryoEase® system will keep your processes running at full capacity. There is no need to stop production to refill the tank – even at high pressure/high flow applications, such as laser cutting. This means no loss of production and no need to vent off the tank and lose gas.

Supply capability up to 32bar pressure and 100Nm3/hour flow rate (dependant on application)

  • 2000 litre tank equivalent to:
    - 167 x 200 bar oxygen cylinders
    - 153 x 200 bar nitrogen cylinders
    - 147 x 230 bar argon cylinders

From complex and costly to simple and streamlined

4 steps to switch to CryoEase® service

Site Survey

Conducted by your Air Products’ representative to cover tank selection, gas system design, flow rates and pressures. They will also advise you on a suitable location for the CryoEase® tank.

Engineering Review

Air Products’ Engineering team will review the provided information and ensure that all relevant safety precautions are met. They will examine the process data to create a technical specification bespoke for your application. Apart from a power source, usually no special requirements.

Installation and Training

The tank is prepared in our UK workshop and delivered to site on the mutually agreed date. Installation is performed by Air Products engineers and all tank features are tested in-situ prior to release.

Ongoing Supply

Tank telemetry communicates directly with Air Products’ delivery team, so replenishment is managed remotely and automatically.

Why not change to CryoEase® service – the leading liquid minitank supply?

A CryoEase® tank takes less storage space than cylinders. But, the main benefits of the service are the efficiency and safety aspects of removing cylinders from site.

Cylinders are heavy, bulky and difficult to manoeuvre. All risks associated with compressed gas cylinder handling are eliminated with the CryoEase® service.

Equally, the time spent moving cylinders from storage to point of use and installing appropriate equipment disappears with the CryoEase® service – gas is consistently piped to the point of use at the correct pressure and flow rate.


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How will CryoEase® service save me time?

The CryoEase® service eliminates the need for handling or changing cylinders. Our drivers refill the tank autonomously on a regular basis – leaving you free to get on with your day job.

What level of financial investment is required?

No capital investment is required. Installation can take as little as 2 hours and set up costs are minimal. There is no need for planning permission. The tank is sited externally on a skid or plinth and gas piped to your point of use.

How much floorspace will the CryoEase® tank take up?

The CryoEase® tank is easily installed outside of your premises. All that is needed is a flat surface in an area adjacent to your building with reasonable access for delivery vehicles.

How is CryoEase® service more cost-efficient?

As gas is delivered in bulk liquid form this reduces the cost per m3. Also having a larger storage facility on site reduces the number of deliveries and associated charges. All that you pay for is a small monthly tank rental fee.


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