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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

A proven way to effectively extend the shelf life of your packaged food products

Are you looking to preserve your food product naturally? Do you want to achieve a longer shelf life, while maintaining texture, taste and colour? Could you improve production planning, reduce product waste and better meet the expectations of your customer?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) or gas flushing is a proven and natural method of extending the shelf life and quality of food products. It uses a specific single gas or a mixture of gases to create a protective atmosphere around the food. This protective atmosphere, combined with appropriate packaging material and, in many cases, lowered temperatures, preserves the taste, safety and appearance of the food for longer.

With decades of experience in MAP, we have run numerous product tests and built knowledge about the ideal gas mixture for each food type. Whatever your business size, our experts look forward to helping you along the way, from identifying the best gas mixture for your product to getting you started up.

Which Gases Are Used In MAP And Why?

MAP mainly involves the use of three gases naturally present in the air that we breathe: CO₂, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Have a look at this short video with our UK expert Jon Trembley to find out why.

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Use our food waste calculator today and find right the balance between food waste and plastic waste.


​Why Choose MAP Rather than Vacuum or Skin Packaging?

Shelf Life

The vast majority of products achieve a longer shelf life with MAP than with vacuum or skin packaging

Waste Reduction

Longer shelf life means reduced food waste

Product Appearance

Soft, uneven products may suffer from the vacuum process leaving their shape less attractive to the end user

Cost Savings

Less product lost means more money saved

Ask the Expert

Sonia Guri

Food Technology Expert UK

"What should I declare on the label if I'm using food grade gases to package my product?"
If you use MAP you will need to state 'packaged in a protective atmosphere' on the label (Regulation (EU) 1169/2011).

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Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.

Bulk Supply

Delivered by truck and stored on your site either as a liquid in cryogenic tanks or as a gas in high-pressure tubes based on your volume, desired pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern.

Cylinders & Hard Goods

The traditional solution for low-volume gas supply. Cylinders can be supplied in a full range of sizes, pressures and gas purities for a range of gases and gas mixtures. Search our extensive network of distributors in the U.S. and parts of Canada for your cylinder and hard goods supply needs.

CryoEase® Microbulk Solutions

A convenient and cost-effective solution for larger operations. CryoEase® tanks are available in a range of sizes. The CryoEase® service simplifies your gas supply by eliminating the need to handle cylinders, stock taking and ordering.

On-site Gas Generation

On-site gas generation helps sustainability-minded customers lower their carbon footprint, boost energy efficiency, increase throughput, enhance end product quality, and improve environmental performance.

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