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Balloon Gas & Equipment

Lightweight Balloonium® cylinders and easy-to-use balloon inflators

Do you struggle with handling heavy, steel helium cylinders and having to screw in balloon inflator equipment on a day-to-day basis?

Air Products offers balloon grade helium in specially designed lightweight, easy-to-use cylinders with quick-connect inflation equipment. Our Balloonium® cylinders set the standard in party and promotional balloon gas supply.

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​The Benefits of Air Products' Offering

  • Range of cylinders that weigh less and contain more balloon grade helium than traditional cylinders
  • Ergonomic handle making them easy to manoeuvre
  • Quick-fit connection means that you only have to snap on the inflator and you're ready to start!
  • Cylinder availability: extensive agent network all over the country
  • Selector tool to help you choose the right cylinder for your event
  • Quick and easy e-shop that accepts all major credit cards
  • Easy-to-use cylinder selector tool

Balloon Project Profit Calculator

Are you sure that you are covering all of your costs to reach your target profit margin when fixing your price lists or creating your decorator job quotes?

To help you, we have developed a project profit calculator for balloon professionals. An easy-to-use online tool to help you make your jobs profitable.

Balloon Cost Calculator

How Air Products Enables Balloon Professionals to Save Time and Money​


Up to 50% lighter than traditional cylinders. Lower operating pressure thanks to the built-in regulator

Easier to Use

Lighter and easier to use than traditional cylinders. Quick-fit inflators snap on to cylinder

Real-Time Contents Gauge

Contents gauge shows how much gas is left, even when the valve is turned off

Save Time and Money

Built-in regulator so only need to add inflator. Greater gas capacity means fewer cylinders, deliveries & lower handling costs

Balloonium Equipment

Air Products, in conjunction with Conwin, has developed a range of quick-connect inflators and associated equipment for exclusive use with the revolutionary Balloonium® Integra® cylinders.

Party Tips for Balloon Inflation and Simple Decoration

  • Use helium-quality balloons. Avoid contact with extreme heat
  • 11” latex balloon: 12-16 hours average float time if not over/under inflated
  • Right-sizing balloon inflation : measure distance between 2 chairs (i.e.: 11" distance for 11” latex balloon) and inflate the balloon within gap
  • Group balloon bouquets in arrangements of odd numbers. Stagger arrangements or layer in groups (i.e.: 2, 2 and 1)
  • Coordinate balloon ribbon colours and balloons
  • Secure arrangement to balloon weight
  • For table decoration place lowest balloons no less than 24” from table top
  • Balloon releases: visit industry code of conduct: https://www.nabas.co.uk/balloons-and-releases

Ask the Expert

“How long before my event do I need to place an order with Air Products? ”
Depending on your location, we will need up to two weeks' notice to ensure the cylinders' availability. However, most orders will be processed in a few days only.

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