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Campylobacter Intervention

Freshline® SafeChill™ system for poultry – enhanced product quality through additional food safety

Campylobacteriosis is the most frequently reported foodborne illness in the EU. This illness is often caused by the presence of campylobacter bacteria on the surface of the chicken. A common solution to this is to use a heat treatment such as secondary scalding. However, heat treatments aren’t flexible in terms of operations and can damage the chicken’s skin or cause colour changes.

Our experts have worked with poultry processors to develop the Freshline® SafeChill™ System. This unique intervention uses super-chilled air to effectively and safely reduce the campylobacter presence on contaminated broiler carcasses.



 Reduces the campylobacter counts to acceptable levels. Can be used alone or to complement another intervention already in place


Modular system allowing you to meet current and future production line speeds, continuously operating up to three shifts a day

Operator Safety

Safe in terms of operations (indirect chilling ensures that the nitrogen stays within the leak tested system)

Product Quality

The physical and organoleptic properties of the chicken remain unchanged

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Improved energy efficiency

The excess cold air from the SafeChill™ system can be utilised in the chiller; this can optimise your chilling process

Ask the Expert

Jon Trembley
Jon Trembley

Technology Manager - Cryogenic Applications

Do I need to say that chicken, treated with the Freshline® SafeChill™ System, was previously frozen?

No. During the SafeChill™ process, the meat does not go below –2°C (we have run tests measuring temperatures to verify this).