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Laser Cutting Machine

Oxygen for laser cutting

High purity gas for cleaner cuts

Oxygen is used for cutting unalloyed or low alloyed mild/carbon steels whereby the material is heated to ignition temperature by the laser beam and burned in an oxygen jet. Pressure, the shape of the cutting jet and gas purity determine cut quality and cutting speed. We offer oxygen in various purities and a full range of supply modes to tailor the supply to your specific requirements.

Why do so many manufacturers choose Air Products laser gas?

Guaranteed gas purity

High quality gas that meets all laser manufacturers’ specifications to ensure a clean unoxidised cut and maintain the laser’s lifetime - for maximum quality.

Eliminate laser downtime

Our laser gas delivery modes eliminate machine downtime with continuous and reliable supply - for maximum productivity.

No loss of gas

Laser solutions tailored to your operation. Our liquid solutions ensure no loss of gas meaning you use all the gas you pay for - for maximum profitability.