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BIP cylinder packs

Laser Gas Cylinder Packs

Compact, convenient volume

Cylinder packs (sometimes referred to as manifolded packs or banks) are a good solution for small to medium volume gas requirements, whilst reducing cylinder handling costs.

Multiple cylinders are connected with a dual outlet, creating a large volume of gas in a compact frame within forklift truck handling capability.

Why do so many manufacturers choose Air Products laser gas?

Guaranteed gas purity

High quality gas that meets all laser manufacturers’ specifications to ensure a clean unoxidised cut and maintain the laser’s lifetime - for maximum quality.

Eliminate laser downtime

Our laser gas delivery modes eliminate machine downtime with continuous and reliable supply - for maximum productivity.

No loss of gas

Laser solutions tailored to your operation. Our liquid solutions ensure no loss of gas meaning you use all the gas you pay for - for maximum profitability.

The Roadmap Starts with Cylinder Packs

Cylinder packs are multiple cylinders connected with a dual outlet and are the ideal supply solution for smaller laser machines, or small-medium sized operations.  Regardless of the size of your laser operation, if you are new to laser cutting we always recommend to start with cylinder packs.

Our nitrogen and oxygen laser assist gas cylinder packs are available in 12 cylinder format and 18 cylinder format in either 200 or 300 bar pressure to suit various applications as well as floor space and handling limitations.

If your operation is large enough to benefit from a liquid supply, we will be able to size and specify your tank more accurately based on the running data from cylinder packs.  We can then ensure a seamless transition to liquid.

Some customers also retain a small volume of packs as a back-up to liquid or gas generation supply.