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Manual plasma cutting machine

Plasma Cutting, Welding and Hardfacing/Cladding

Versatile gas solutions for a versatile process

A variety of plasma machines exist, ranging from hand-held units for cutting, or larger machines installed in fabrication workshops allowing users to cut larger sheets of metal which are CNC controlled.  

 Reliable Solutions

High Quality

High quality gas and equipment to optimise efficiency and safety.

Safety and Reliability

Our gases and equipment comply with all relevant local legislation and best practices.  We are members British Compressed Gas Association (BCGA).


With over 60 years of experience in the metal fabrication industry, our expertsand engineers are on hand to ensure you are compliant.

Expert Advice

Innovation is part of our DNA. We are constantly working on new solutions to help you meet evolving needs and advise best practice. 

Which Gas To Use?

For plasma cutting

specialised hydrogen/ nitrogen mixtures for plasma cutting machines.

For plasma welding

high quality argon for the plasma gas and argon/hydrogen or argon/helium mixtures for the shielding gas.

For hardfacing / cladding

helium or argon/helium mixtures