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Oxy-fuel cutting torch heating metal
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​Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Cutting, heating and brazing fuel gases

Many fuel gases are available including acetylene, ethylene, hydrogen, methane, propane, propylene and mixtures. Each gas has different characteristics and benefits. The most common ones are:


the hottest and most efficient fuel gas.  It is often selected due to its versatility being suitable for welding as well as cutting.We offer in a range of cylinder sizes for every cutting application

Apachi® cutting gas

propylene liquid petroleum gas which is exclusively available from Air Products


a liquid petroleum gas (lpg) -heavier than air and, although not as hot as acetylene or Apachi® gas, is selected due to its versatility

Ask the Expert

Which is the best fuel gas to use with oxygen; acetylene, propane or propylene?

Each of these gases has advantages and unique properties. We've produced a table showing these benefits of each...

Fuel gas selector 

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