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Freshline® Glazing Solutions

Create and protect your IQF products with a glaze of cryogenically-frozen water

What Are the Freezer Options for Glazing? ​

Freshline® DM Freezer

If you wish to freeze both standard non-IQF products, and IQF products in the same machine

Freshline® IQF+ Freezer

For larger throughputs of high quality IQF

Freshline® Rotary Freezer

For an optimal IQF result for the smallest type of products


Ask the Expert

Karen Callingham, Food Cryogenics Expert
Karen Callingham

Food Cryogenics Technical Expert, UK

Why should I glaze my IQF products with a protective layer of water?

To prevent damage to your premium products during transportation so they arrive at your customer, or point of sale, in perfect IQF condition.

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