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Ways to Pay

Computer e-payment

The most convenient and simple way of keeping track of your payments is to set up a direct debit. Payments are made automatically and there's no risk of you losing track of time and forgetting to organise a payment. Setting up a direct debit is easy, just call our team on 0203 027 7050 and we'll get it sorted for you.

You can also make payments online via card through MyAirProductsSM.

It's simple and easy to use, all you need to do is look for "Pay Online" when you sign in. You can view your balance, orders and pay online with a credit or debit card, all you need is your account number.

Take a look at the online service for yourself by registering at my.airproducts.com 

Bank Details

Account Name:  Air Products Ireland Ltd  

Bank:  Deutsche Bank 

(Bank Identifier Code)  

(International Bank Account No)    

Sort Code:
Account number:   

Bank Address:   Deutsche Bank AG
Taunusanlage 12
(für Briefe und Postkarten: 60262)

Remittance Address:  Air Products Ireland Ltd
PO Box 11676
Dublin 11  

Fax:  +44 (0) 1932 258994 

Email:  cauki@airproducts.com  

VAT Reg No: IE4607127R