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pH Control and Neutralisation

A proven technique to efficiently control the pH of water by the addition of carbon dioxide

Are you interested in achieving an accurate pH control in a safe way?

The most frequent pH reducers are mineral acids. An excellent alternative is carbon dioxide, which offers many advantages over the mineral acids, especially with regards to safer handling and healthier conditions for users.

At Air Products, we understand the difficulties of neutralising water and wastewater pH. That is the reason why we have developed new optimised equipment to enhance the use of CO₂ and its benefits.

Air Products Expertise in Neutralising Water/Wastewater pH

Safer Working Conditions

Decrease the risk of burns, poisonous fumes and other hazards that result from the handling of mineral acids

Accurate pH Control

No overdose takes place when using CO₂, so the risk of excessive acidification, through the use of strong acids is prevented

Quickly Reduces High pH Levels

Continuous, automated process controls balance of corrosive scaling of water

Cost Effective

Low initial investment and economic running cost

Do you need to optimise your pH control?

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Controlling pH with carbon dioxide

Comparison of the Evolution of pH Neutralisation with CO₂ and with Mineral Acids

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