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Laser FAQs

How do I know what gas mixture or purity of gas I need for my laser resonator? plus minus
At Air Products, our teams of laser experts have access to data detailing the necessary purities, pressures and flows of most popular lasers.
Don't worry - we will work with you. We often recommend cylinder packs to start. Then we assess your output requirements based on your machine specifications and estimated business forecast, to size a micro tank or bulk tank. Our engineers will support you throughout any on-site work to ensure minimal business disruption.
With conventional tank refilling there is a loss of gas when venting down the tank pressure, coupled with the loss of production time. With our CryoEase® service there is no gas loss and no downtime, meaning lower operational costs. Our high quality resonator gases maintain optimal laser quality, ensuring maximum output and minimising maintenance costs.
The high pressure CryoEase® tank and delivery service combination means that you never need to shut down production to refill your gas tank; meaning maximum output. It also means that you never run out of gas, as we monitor your usage remotely and schedule refilling automatically.
Contact us. Even if you haven't ordered your laser machine yet we can assist you to recommend the required gas and discuss delivery options. We have the highest volume cylinder packs in the industry so can efficiently support your business as it grows.