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Chemiluminescence Spectroscopy

Chemiluminescence Spectroscopy is the collective term used for quantitative measurements of the optical emission from excited molecules to calculate the analyte, concentration. These powerful analytical techniques are commonly used for industrial emissions monitoring and the measurement of atmospheric pollutants such as nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

The Experis® range of speciality gases incorporates instrument zero gases, purge gases, and calibration gas mixtures, which are ideally suited for this analytical method.

How Can Air Products Help You Monitor Your Industrial Emissions?​

Calibration Gas Mixtures

Highly accurate and traceable gas mixtures with market-leading shelf lives for routine instrument calibration

Accredited Gas Mixtures

Calibration mixtures for industrial air and engine emissions monitoring and measurement, certified within ISO 17025.

Ask the Expert

Trish Lees

Business Development Specialist

"Which gases are commonly used for Chemiluminescence?"
We recommend Nitrogen BIP® as a zero gas because of its very low moisture content (<20 ppb). Calibration gases of nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide in a nitrogen balance are used for calibrating NOx  chemiluminescence analysers. We also recommend Sythetic Zero Air Plus to provide the ozone using an ozone generator due to its low moisture specification (<0.5ppm).

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