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Gas Supply Solutions

For Lithium-ion Battery Production

Industrial gases as an indispensable component in manufacturing and are widely used in various processes in lithium-ion battery production.

As a world-leading industrial gas supplier, we offer high quality gases, applications technologies and services to meet your requirements on volume and purity, as well as precisely control the water content, to help you:

reduce cost

improve productivity

product quality

on-site safety

reduce CO2 footprint

Our experts also provide on-site process and technical support, including gas equipment safety inspection and training.

Comprehensive Technical Support for Lithium-ion Battery Production

    • Atmosphere detection for product quality control, production safety and environmental protection
    • Atmosphere control (including furnace atmosphere control and dew point control) to control the heat treatment process and improve product quality
    • Atmosphere recycle and reuse (O2, N2, H2, He, Ar) to save resources and reduce cost
    • CFD flow field and thermal field simulation to effectively optimise parameters, reduce the number of experiments, improve optimisation efficiency

    The most economical supply option for your particular application and geographic location.

    Want to know more?

    To learn more about our gas supply options for lithium-ion battery lifecycle management, contact us on 0800 389 0202 or +44 1270 612708 (from outside the UK)