Non-refillable cylinders - light, convenient and easy to use. Your mixtures, everywhere with no hassle at all.


Non-refillable cylinders, also known as canisters, are typically used for function testing of gas detection and analytical equipment where portability is paramount or gas usage is relatively low.

Many mixtures, reactive or non-reactive, including all the common quad and test gas variants, are available from stock and bespoke mixtures can be supplied with minimum lead time. Gas mixtures are blended gravimetrically and when combined with Air Products advanced cylinder preparation techniques ensure mixture accuracy, optimum stability and maximum shelf life.

Air Products non-refillable cylinders provide the ideal solution in the following scenarios:

  • Disposable Test Gas Cylinders for On-Site Function Testing
    Non-refillable cylinders are exceptionally portable and ideal for on-site calibration of gas detectors. Their simple operation enables use by a wide range of plant operators for function testing of portable detection equipment.
  • Users of small quantities of gas or with limited space
    For low or infrequent usage (such as research or educational institutions) where gas is needed only for specific experiments. Non-refillable cylinders provide a cost-effective solution that avoids the ongoing rental charges associated with refillable cylinders.
  • Global Users of Specialty Gases
    The lightweight and compact nature of non-refillable cylinders reduces their transport costs dramatically.
  • Accessorizing within OEM range of gas detectors
    Non-refillables are essential calibration accessories for portable and personal gas detection equipment and make an ideal addition to an OEM range of detector or safety offerings. Private labelling is an option for larger OEM’s or distributors.

The total manufacturing solution ensures complete quality control from the arrival of the raw materials through to the laboratory that carries out final Quality Control checks and analysis of the finished gas mixtures.

Because every pre-mix blend for non-refillable cylinders is individually certified and cross referenced every time it is used, traceability to National Standards, as well as full manufacturing traceability is assured.

What our customers say

“Personal, portable and fixed gas detection equipment is widely used in many safety critical applications and these items are often subjected to relatively harsh environments and working conditions. The gas sensing element within this equipment is perhaps the most fragile and crucial component, and if this was to fail, it would render the equipment useless. The selection of appropriate test gas is important to ensure the bump test is carried out correctly and as an active member of CoGDEM, Air Products know about it. They have contributed to the CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection, a new hardback reference book which explains best practice and aids the selection of suitable test gases and equipment.”

Leigh Greenham Director CoGDEM

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