Air Products’ Freshline® gases and equipment can be used for a range of freezing, chilling and packaging applications. Consumer lifestyles and attitudes are continually changing, and these changes have important implications for the way meat and poultry are prepared. There is increased demand for pre-packaged convenience foods, products in sauces, ready-to-cook preparations and other high-quality products. Air Products provides flexible systems to efficiently and effectively freeze, chill and package your meat and poultry products at low capital cost. Our cryogenic systems can improve your product quality - taste, texture and appearance - by minimising product dehydration, crystal growth, drip loss and by reducing belt sticking. Cryogenic systems can also help you improve yield thereby improving overall profitability of your operation. Our gases play a part throughout the whole process from ‘farm to fork’, including the supply of gases for controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS) of poultry to the packaging of the final meat or poultry product. We can help you:

  • Chill or freeze your products continuously or in batches
  • Produce value added and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)
  • Produce or coat IQF products with sauces
  • Crust freeze to produce a high-quality sliced product
  • Mix or form your products
  • Extend the shelf-life of your products
  • Supplying gases and know-how for Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) of poultry

Freshline® meat
processing technologies
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Freshline® MAP for Red Meat
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Freshline® MAP for poultry and game
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Freshline® Food Processing Technologies for Poultry
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Freshline® SafeChill System for poultryFreshline® SafeChill System for poultry

Freshline® SafeChill System for poultry (1:27)

The safe, effective and proven solution for Campylobacter intervention

Why Freeze with Liquid Nitrogen?

Why Freeze with Liquid Nitrogen? (1:35)

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IQF freezing. How does it work?

IQF freezing. How does it work? (1:32)

Producing high quality IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) or coated IQF products

Product texture optimization: whipping, aerating, hardening etc.

Product texture optimization: whipping, aerating, hardening etc. (1:29)

Reach the perfect product texture with food grade gases.


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